Special Envoy
Ray Chambers

Ray Chambers serves as the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Health in Agenda 2030 and for Malaria. In these two positions, Mr. Chambers is tasked with catalyzing efforts and commitments required for the successful implementation of the health-related goals in Agenda 2030—which includes ending the epidemics of AIDS, TB, and malaria—through leveraging his business expertise and experience. In addition to his Special Envoy roles, Mr. Chambers chairs The Global Health Alliance.

In February 2008, the Secretary-General of the United Nations appointed Mr. Chambers as his first Special Envoy for Malaria. During his tenure, visibility, awareness, and funding for malaria each increased exponentially, contributing to the distribution of over 1 billion life-saving mosquito nets to sub-Saharan Africa and averting over 6.2 million malaria-related deaths, most of which were children under 5 years of age.

In February 2013 the Secretary-General expanded Mr. Chambers’ mandate as his first Special Envoy for Financing the Health Millennium Development Goals – the internationally agreed set of humanitarian targets. Mr. Chambers worked with key funding partners—including governments, financial institutions and the private sector—to secure adequate resources to provide the essential supplies, delivery mechanisms, systems support and measurement tools needed to attain the health MDGs. In addition to his Special Envoy role, Mr. Chambers served as one of the UN Secretary-General’s MDG Advocates.

Mr. Chambers has been a full-time philanthropist for nearly 30 years. His philanthropic efforts are diverse, with major focus areas in global health, mentoring, and revitalizing his home city of Newark, New Jersey. Among the organizations Mr. Chambers founded are the Points of Light Foundation (Founding Chairman), the America’s Promise Alliance (co-founded with Colin Powell), the National Mentoring Partnership, and Malaria No More (co-founded with Peter Chernin).

In his business career, Mr. Chambers was Chairman of Wesray Capital Corporation, which he co-founded with Former Secretary of the Treasury, Mr. William E. Simon.