The Global Health Alliance is an initiative of the UN Special Envoy and operates in support of Every Woman Every Child, an unprecedented global movement spearheaded by the Secretary-General to mobilize and intensify global action to improve the health of women and children.

The Global Health Alliance develops innovative and accelerative efforts to drive global progress towards achieving the health targets of the 2030 development agenda, typically working in partnership with governments, non-government organizations, academic institutions or corporations. The Alliance is led by a group of accomplished private sector leaders — referred to as Vice Chairs of the Special Envoy’s Office – who have committed their time, energy and resources to projects that can make a difference in global health. Each of the Vice-Chairs brings a career’s-worth of solid accomplishment, inspired leadership and proven results, and it is this private sector expertise that provides the energy and momentum of the Alliance.

The Global Health Alliance aims to empower governments and institutions across sectors to get on track to achieving their health goals. The Alliance recognizes the need for both immediate scale-up of interventions to accelerate progress towards these goals as well as the creation or bolstering of long-term mechanisms to ensure sustained progress.