May. 20

Johnson & Johnson Joins MDG Health Alliance

by Ray Chambers

Consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals company Johnson & Johnson has joined the MDG Health Alliance, with Sharon D’Agostino assuming the position of Vice Chair in the Special Envoy’s Office.  Johnson and Johnson’s bold Every Woman, Every Child commitment aims to reach to 200 million women and children with health services by the end of 2015.  In joining the MDG Health Alliance, Johnson & Johnson brings important private sector leadership to accelerate progress in the remaining seven quarters to reach the MDGs.

Johnson & Johnson has a long history (125 years) of helping millions of people live healthier lives.  Johnson & Johnson is reaching millions of women and children around the world through strategic philanthropic investments in three main areas: Saving and Improving Lives of Women & Children, Preventing Disease in Vulnerable Populations, and Strengthening the Health Care Workforce.

In Nigeria, Born Free Africa and Johnson & Johnson have partnered with other private sector and government organizations to invest in catalytic talent and program support for efforts relating to the Elimination of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV/AIDS (EMTCT).  The company continues to expand its reach on the African continent through mobile technologies and innovations such as MAMA to provide timely support, awareness raising, and behavior change communications to pregnant and new mothers.  Other emerging areas of collaboration include maximizing investments in training for frontline health worker staff in Mozambique and Zambia.  Opportunities for greater collaboration include maximizing existing delivery platforms, such as child health days and measles campaigns, by integrating additional life-saving health interventions for women and child.

The UNSEO and MDG Health Alliance share a commitment to the MDGs and the belief that the global community must remain focused on the unfinished health MDG agenda.  The partnership will seek to provide catalytic funding to maternal and child health activities that reach millions of women and children and “bend the curve” towards MDG achievement.

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