The UN Special Envoy’s Office and The Global Health Alliance have a singular focus: supporting a seamless transition from the health-related Millennium Development Goals to the new health targets of Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, which includes ending the epidemics of AIDS, TB and malaria.

Health related targets are included in 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in addition to a stand-alone SDG 3. Agenda 2030 is ambitious and will require not just a coordinated UN approach, but also commitments at both national and international levels, and the involvement of key stakeholders such as civil society, philanthropic entities and the private sector.

Chaired by Special Envoy Ray Chambers and with an Executive Committee of Vice-Chairs, the Office works with countries and partners that are financing, planning and working to save the lives and improve the health of the world’s most vulnerable people.

We have a specific interest in securing and aligning financing from key donors, as well as providing planning and tracking support. We recognize that successful partnerships are the only way by which global goals can be met, so we support and facilitate understanding and collaboration among partners wherever possible.

Finally, through The Global Health Alliance we engage inspiring and committed leaders, largely from the private sector, who are bringing their resources and innovation to bear in achieving Agenda 2030.