Jun. 17

Special Envoy Applauds UK Leadership in Effort to Combat Malnutrition

by Ray Chambers

“In order to achieve the Child and Maternal Health MDGs  – saving 4.4 million children’s lives and 230,000 mother’s lives over the next 30 months – we simply must address malnutrition, which is the underlying cause of nearly half of global child deaths and 1/3 of maternal mortality,” said Ray Chambers the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Financing the Health MDGs and for Malaria.  “Nutrition is even more than a health issue, it’s a significant drag on the overall economy.  Well nourished children are far more likely to succeed in school, to pull out of poverty and to have a greater chance of obtaining a skilled job.  This is why we welcome the inspiring leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron, President Dilma Roussef, and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation in convening world leaders at the Nutrition for Growth Summit this weekend to address this essential  initiative.”

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