Aug. 20

Statement on the Occasion of World Mosquito Day

by Ray Chambers

On this day we commemorate Sir Ronald Ross’ groundbreaking discovery: the relationship between mosquitos and malaria transmission. His work was instrumental in shedding light on how best to prevent this deadly disease, a fight we continue to this day. Mosquitos remain one of the deadliest animals on Earth, posing a threat to half the world’s population through transmission of malaria, and claiming the life of a child every two minutes. Since 2000, we have made unprecedented progress in reducing malaria cases and have saved the lives of nearly 7 million people, but the fight against this disease is at a crossroads and we risk losing hard won gains if we become complacent. On this World Mosquito Day let us recommit to driving resources and bringing innovations to market to end the deadly bite of a mosquito once and for all.

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