News and Views on Financing the Health MDGs and on Malaria.
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Office of the Special Envoy The MDG Deadline is Dec. 31, 2015
Days Remaining: 436
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Ray Chambers
  › Ray Chambers
Special Envoy for Financing the Health MDGs and for Malaria

From the Special Envoy:
We must cross the MDG finish line before starting a new race.

Those working to achieve the Millennium Development Goals are a lot like long-distance runners. We’re prepared for an extended effort, we know there will be many obstacles placed in our path, and we hold strong to our vision of crossing the finish line. When we reach the end, we will not only have helped achieve a better world, but we’ll have provided the evidence to make a case for even more ambitious targets in the years ahead. With only 440 days left to get to the finish line, now is the time to commit to the final sprint.

Our race to the MDG finish line has been thrown a major challenge in the Ebola crisis. It is devastating...

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News & Commentary
Heads of State and UN Leaders at a panel discussion

› Billions Announced for New Maternal and Child Health Financing Facility

The biggest MDG news at UNGA was the announcement of a new financing facility to accelerate completion of the MDGs and end preventable maternal and child deaths by 2030.

A mother and child at a health center in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

› Smarter Health Interventions for Millions In War and Conflict Zones

Drs. Susan Shepard and Mark Grabowsky on how to deliver smarter health care to millions living in war or conflict zones. We must champion integration opportunities that we’re currently missing.

Center for Global Health and Diplomacy logo

› CEO Suprotik Basu On Planning Ahead for Coming Changes in Development Assistance

The role of overseas development assistance is changing. If we don't manage the transition, the poorest will be left behind.

Bishop Sunday Onuoha

› Commentary: Bishop Sunday N. Onuoha on Faith Communities' Role in Improving Health

Faith communities hold a number of powerful tools for driving progress in maternal and child survival. But they remain largely untapped.

Malaria News
Joy Phumaphi, Executive Secretary of the Africa Leaders Malaria Alliance.

› Video: ALMA’s Joy Phumaphi on the Outsize Impact of Malaria Control

Few leaders have the firsthand experience in global health of Joy Phumaphi, Executive Director of ALMA, who spoke during UNGA about the ripple effect of successful malaria efforts.

Mother and child lay in bed under a mosquito bed net.

› Historic Net Delivery in First Half of Year: 600,000 Children’s Lives Expected to Be Saved

A record-breaking 100 million long-lasting insecticidal nets were delivered to sub-Saharan Africa in first half 2014, protecting nearly 200 million people over three years and saving up to 600,000 lives.

Healthy looking boy holds a food container.

› Nutrition and Malaria Prevention: Achieving Synergy to Save Lives

An innovative partnership in Africa's Sahel region integrates nutrition provision into the malaria prevention delivery platform, with the aim of reducing child mortality during the rainy season.

MDG Health Alliance
Community health worker.

What Ebola is Teaching Us About Community Health Workers

The Ebola crisis has shone a bright light on CHWs, as both a critical part of the response and as a cohort requiring special attention, training and protection. The world must build on lessons being learned. 

Leith Greenslade, Vice-Chair Child Health, MDG Health Alliance

› Leith Greenslade on the “Celebrity Couples” of Global Health & Development

One of the most admired voices in global health discusses the often overlooked relationships holding the key to health and development solutions.

Three musicians

› Jeff Walker on Collaboration: “Soloists Don't Save the Day, Ensembles Do.”

MDG Health Alliance Vice-Chair and passionate philanthropist on why bringing together teams of organizations and individuals to collaborate is the best way to solve big problems.

Partner News

› Every Woman Every Child launched a revamped website, capturing the vision and structure of the Secretary-General’s signature initiative.


› Malaria No More has launched a provocative series called “Solve For M” highlighting six key challenges which must be met on the path to eliminate malaria.


› MDG Advocates issued its “Leaders Report” at UNGA, providing perspectives on  challenges and opportunities for achieving the MDGs by end of 2015.